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05 April 2007 @ 10:13 pm


Terrent is back for our viewing pleasures! With him comes more photos (cos I absolutely cannot resist him xD) I take a lot of picutres so it feels like the Legacy is progressing slowly =/ I'm really wanting to install Nightlife or something on my computer cos I really don't want Terrent to marry Nina. She just seems like a whore. LOL! I'll decide whether or not to later. Either way, I'll be buying myself a new computer come mid-April. Huzzah! 1.0G of Ram and 200G hard drive. I'm excited.

Anyway, carrying on. Welcome to Gen. 1.2 (we're getting close to Gen. 2.1 xD Yaaaayyy!) If you missed the last update, here you are: 
Knight Legacy 1.1

42 large pictures under the cut, again, minor language and partial male nudity? If you call it that. xD Anyway. Have at it. =3

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03 April 2007 @ 10:54 pm

Welcome to the Knight Legacy, Generation 1.1! This will be longer than most other generations, I think, just cos I'm somewhat new to it all. Anyway. Roughly 70 large pics below the cut. A few anughty words but nothing major. =D
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And now, I finally bring to you, Episode One! 62 images *g* But I don't think you guys'll mind cos you seem to have liked all the other images :D Besides, what's a lil loading time eh? (Unless you have Dial Up =/) So. With that in mind, we venture to the house of Ashlie and Peony, which was the first and only house that I've built. The other houses will come in due time, probably whenever I have most free time and am not being sucked into the Knight Legacy (already I've taken 112 pictures from Terrent and he's not even yet married =/ xD)

So. Without further ado, welcome to the Moore Household. (Yes. I gave Ashlie and Peony my alias last name. -shrugs- I like it ^__^)

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02 April 2007 @ 01:20 pm
The first Episode is kind of long (62 images =/), but nothing compared to my first update of my Knight Legacy @________@ (Terrent. But don't worry, the pictures are so pretty you won't mind it's lenght ;) ) However, we're not yet up to Episode One quite yet. xD In fact, we're only at The Beginning. Basically, I've built only one house. :D That'd be Ashlie and Peony's. (So I'm biased -shrugs-). Houses take time and I'm a lazy poo. I may have to go download a few for em :D Haha! Anyway. So, I plunked them into their plots of land cos I wanted to see how they interacted and I REALLY wanted pictures. 

Soooooo. We have 56 pictoirs :D -beams-

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02 April 2007 @ 09:11 am
So, for those who remember it, the original Decaydance Views got eaten by my computer last summer. Which was pretty sucky, cos I'd created almost all the Sims I was going to make and everyone had homes and itty bitty life stories and I had all my pictures ready. (In fact, I still have some that I never posted that I will do one day.) After the eating of my Simmies, I didn't have the motivation to do anything worth while with Decaydance Views so it just merely sat around and... decayed. 

Until now. =D

Welcome to Decaydance Views, version 2.0.

(13 Large-ish pictures below the cut)

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03 November 2010 @ 07:44 pm
Welcome to Decaydance Sims. Named for my main neighborhood, Decaydance Views on The Sims 2. ^.^ I have two "stories" going on, one being a true story, the other just a neighborhood full of Sims based off of my friends. However, since the reinstallation of my game, I kind of lost everything, so Decaydance Views GoF Simality will be slow in updating until I get things built up again. I don't have all day to play the games, but I do like to play it when I can. Let's just call it my drug. ;)

I will be updating here with the list of my most visited sites for Custom Content, as well as making an entire list in my User Info. :)

As I write more of the stories, legacies, and GoF Simality, I will update the individular parts here, for easier access to them. All questions can be directed to this post as well, and I'll evenutally form an FAQ :P Until then, yay new Sim Journals.

Feel free to add and/or join. Only I have posting access, as this is my journal. Comments aren't required but are definetly encouraging. Sim Journals are welcomed to friend back and I will try to look at lot of them :)
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28 July 2006 @ 03:32 am
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