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13 May 2007 @ 11:09 am
Lee's House  

This is by far the best house I've done, as well as the most complicated -.- It took me ages to get it to do what I wanted to do because certain tasks can't be done with certain tools and I was going CRAZY. Still, this has become my favorite house. It's so large, even though Lee is just a person family, but I want him to have other Sim!Friends over all the time sooooo. Biiiig house. =) PRETTTTY house.

I don't yet have a house tour, but I've got this below =) It's not yet finished, either. I want to add some clutter items, a bar, some fun stuffs, knowledge and aspiration things. That kind of stuff. But still. Holy heck! Isn't it PRETTY? It's split level, with a sunken living room. I might have to go change Ashlie and Peony's house cos I'm so jealous. rofl

Srsly. Who DOESN'T love this house? I want to LIVE in it. DO YOU SEE HOW BIG HIS BEDROOM IS? I can't wait to do the House Tour, lead by Lee himself. This house is beautiful to me. AND IT DOESN'T REALLY SLOW MY GAME DOWN MUCH! -happeh-
Current Mood: dorky
Emma: Stormdreaming_xox on May 15th, 2007 08:30 pm (UTC)
DOOOOOD. That is a muy cool house. You have mad housebuilding skillzzz. =P

Did you finish Sim!Meh? =X